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The Stafford Regional Handbell Society is the proud owner of multiple sets of Malmark English Handbells

Our main performance set of bells is a Malmark 6 octave set that ranges from C3 to C9.

In addition to our 6 octave performance set we have added 3 Basso Profundo bells in the 2 range of E-flat, F, and B-flat as well as 6 octaves of Malmark choirchimes ranging from C2 to C8.

We have plans to acquire the 9 remaining Basso Profundo bells for our performance set extending our performance set of bells down to C2. If you would like to help us acquire the necessary funding for this please see our donations page.

In addition to our performance set, The Stafford Regional Handbell Society is also the proud owner of 2 additional 5 octave sets.  One of these sets has the C3 to F sharp 3 in aluminum so our younger ringers can learn bass bell techniques safely thanks to their reduced weight.  2 additional 3 octave sets of Malmark bells and one additional 3 octave set of Malmark choirchimes.

Our other pride and joy is a recent purchase of 2 octaves of Petit and Fritzen bells as well a full compliment of mallets and other percussion instruments to aide us in making truly memorable music experiences for both our students and audiences.

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