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I'm Ready to Play

Looking for a challenge? Hungry for higher level repertoire? Willing to take some personal responsibility for your success as a Handbell Musician? Then this is the ensemble for you! The Velocity Handbell Ensemble is for Advanced Adult ringers who have mastered basic and intermediate ringing and music reading skills. Whether you have come through our TNT (Tuesday Night Training) program or have been honing your skills in your church's bell choir, Velocity Handbell Ensemble is the next stepping stone in your Handbell experience. Membership is obtained by an interview with the director, visiting a rehearsal and playing through some audition materials. In addition to being committed to weekly rehearsals, members of Velocity Handbell Ensemble are also active in other facets of the Society and spend a minimum of 90 minutes each week in personal practice time. Members are given a rehearsal list detailing what is to be covered in rehearsal each week and they work on their own to be prepared for the repertoire on that list. This ensemble meets on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

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I Can, I Will, I Am

Being a member of an Advanced Level ensemble is a commitment. The best thing you can bring to the group is a spirit of positivity and a hunger to learn more. Our journey is to make the best music we possibly can, in every moment we can. Are you ready? Take the plunge and sign up for Velocity Handbell Ensemble today. Our director will be in touch and schedule a time where they can visit with you and see if Velocity will be a good fit. Velocity plays a minimum of two concerts each year: a fall program on its own at a public venue and a spring program in conjunction with our professional handbell ensemble, Castings. To get the music rolling in your life, sign up on our join us page.

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